“Instead of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction.”

– Tony Zambito.

The year 2020 was the year of drastic and unimaginable changes. Everything got stuck between ‘what was supposed to happen’ and ‘what actually happened.’ But finding a way through it, new ideas and opportunities grew at an intriguing rate.

The changes at a personal and societal level nudged the changes in the marketing strategies of many brands. As the adage goes, “markets always change faster than marketing,” many brands re-modeled their marketing strategies to bring out the best for society even in the most challenging time.

The cloud of the COVID-19 still looms over the world. The trend of “new normal” has taken a definite shape and thus calls for the need for new styles of brand marketing. Let us look at ways you can get up your game even in the perplexing and challenging time of the corona.

5 Brand Marketing Tactics In Time Of Corona

Corona saw many changes in consumer behaviors. A pandemic that stirred the word left people vulnerable. With the rules of social distancing, people built up a protective cocoon around them to maintain the required distance from people and things.

With this, many activities like going to groceries or malls were drastically replaced by ordering commodities online. To keep up with this change in consumer behavior, let’s dwell on some brand marketing ideas.

1 – Use Of Media

With people spending most of the time in homes, a rapid increase in video streaming across all the platforms is widely evident. Marketers can leverage the ever-increasing digital entertainment platform by including ad-supported video streaming.

2 – Empathy Is The Key

The pandemic has created an unsaid togetherness among the people. Consider an advertisement that conveys this exact feeling through their product and services. A brand that empathizes with their consumer build a strong foundation of trust.

3 – Cause Marketing

When a brand is associated with a good deed, consumers tend to remember it. And at the times of corona, brands can associate themselves with a cause, not only to attract the customers but to extend a helping hand to society.

4 – Adapt and Improvise

Even if the pandemic situation is improving, the trend of today may not be the trend of tomorrow. Brands should closely monitor the social networking platforms and community websites to adapt to the changes and improvise strategies in crisis times.

5 – Ecommerce Optimization

Corona has put restrictions on the willingness of consumers to buy from the brick-and-mortar. But the digital stores or e-commerce websites continue to flourish. So, the brands need to optimize their product pages, add relevant content, and evaluate their SEO strategy to ensure maximum traffic.

The Final Word Is Agility

The pandemic indeed hit us hard, especially the businesses that suffered a great deal of loss. But there is always a silver lining that turns the setbacks into opportunities. Both the consumers and the brands have embraced the digital platforms during this period.

Thus, brand marketing now needs to be agile to face any unprecedented events. If, as a brand, you have captured the right tone to convey your services and you have a message that resonates with the community, then you have already won the marketing battle even in these tough times.